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“So This Is Love” Painting

“So This Is Love” Painting


acrylic on wood


Late drives and the games we’d play

I love you more every day


Flesh and fantasies

Sunset memories

Smoking with you

And the songs I’d show you

Caressing in blue

All I wanna do

We’d sit in my room

And Id still think of you

Love seats of green

Red wine and whiskey

I make us some tea

And watch the broken tv


And to forget the nights that we didn’t share

I’d take my white pills and I’d just sit there

And listen to music and fight off the demons

Telling me I overdosed on made up feelings

And yeah they’re made up but what can I do

When you standing there lookin so cute

Lookin at me and I’m lookin at you

All of my life w nothin better to do

Than to just be with you

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