Rubeen Salem, a visionary painter, intricately explores vulnerability through androgynous figures, blurring the confines of femininity and masculinity on his canvases. The 'tea cup' heads in his works symbolize open-mindedness, urging acceptance despite the inability to fully comprehend others.


His elusive, elongated figures navigate seamlessly between surrealism and contemporary art, telling stories of emotion and fluid states of being. Through poetic verses accompanying his paintings, Rubeen engages in a freehand journaling of sorts, discovering layers of his identity with each stroke.


Born in San Francisco and raised across diverse cultures in Cleveland Ohio, Palestine, Brooklyn NY, and back to San Francisco, Rubeen's art bears the imprint of his nomadic upbringing. This cultural tapestry infuses his work with a unique richness, reflecting the mosaic of influences that shaped his distinctive self.


In Rubeen Salem's artistic universe, vulnerability becomes a brushstroke, open-mindedness a canvas, and cultural diversity a vibrant palette. His creations beckon viewers to reflect not only on the art itself but also on the inspirations and emotions that shape their own existence.