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“The Beauty of Abuse” Painting

“The Beauty of Abuse” Painting


acrylic and ink on wood


I used to think hes were evil before

I saw hes hit shes

And shes would cry

Rage pouring down her broken doll face

The only crocodiles here were him


There’s a beauty of abuse

Or rather, what it can make

The expectation is it replicates

Echoes of pain til there’s no one for days

It’s human nature, sometimes


And the alternative

To rather than echo the abuse you were shown

You amplify a love you yourself didn’t know

‘Hurt people hurt people’ won’t be enough to justify

Cause some day someones gonna put an end to this cycle. And there won’t be anymore band aids or bruises to hide what they did to you, the hes you trusted. And you don’t gotta explain to anyone who wouldn’t’ve understood. You didn’t deserve it then and you don’t deserve it now. And still your love persists. Get a load of that.


And suddenly hes aren’t bad to me anymore.

It was just a bad one in a bad way in a bad time but he’s over now.

And He’s amazing.

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