Acrylic and ink on wood



does anyone wanna do anything? i know im not the coolest person to hang out with, but i know its nice to have some company. writing love notes alone in my notebook slipping em in the pocket of my tshirt you were always there when i needed u but u were never enough i don’t wanna go home to my old bed there’s something’s that i haven’t left unsaid but i’ve been kickin it no i’ve got a secret i know nothing of love i see it, wanna be it n i dream of havin a home ill believe it when i see it but lately i’ve been feeling alone oh i’ve been feeling alone i’m somebody new you always makin them smile when they see you white t shirt blue jeans n nicotine all the girls and the boys they wanna be you white nikes, voice of imipramine i see it, i wanna be it n i think im being too down i’ll see it when i believe it but right now i can’t hear a sound and i’ve been feelin alone got somebody at home but i still wanna go i know im somebody new ‘s not what i’m used to i don’t wanna be sad i don’t wanna be alone i wanna be part of ur home drinking seltzer’s til we’re old n i wanna be this close i wanna be the one u dream of the one you think of when ur singing when ur up there n ur thinking i hope u think of me

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