Take Me

Take Me

Acrylic on wood




I’m in love with this moment

Yeah, they’re not here but You are

And it was always enough

It’s weird when they don’t see it


But I see You

And all things You do

Whether it’s for me

Whether it’s for You

I wonder if You smile

I wonder if You laugh

I wonder if it makes You happy

To see I made it here

At last


With You

At last


Just milk and raw honey

Cause I’ve had enough espresso

I say it and they laugh!

And then I laugh too


I’m not pretending to be mysterious

I show them all I got

And maybe they’re not mysterious

Maybe they show me all they got too


I’d like to be humble

But I’d also like for You to exalt me

Raise me

Lift me

Take me


And higher

And higher

But not that high

Not yet, unless that’s what you want

Then take me.

I think I’m ready


I’m ready

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