Re: Mind Full

Re: Mind Full

acrylic on wood



Fire in my eyes, a rageful demise. You should’ve loved me harder. I cried. No other lover to whom have I tried. Two years I waited for you to come by. I made a place for you in my life. You messed up and I’ll tell you why. You watch on your screen as my name’s up in lights. And I’ll think of you, but I won’t wonder why. Because I’ve got enough gold and silver, I’m wild, I’m dangerous, tough and stronger in style. You’ll see and watch close while I wave goodbye. You should’ve loved me harder, my guy. You should’ve seen there’s no other life. No longer strife if you were just mine. You’re in the wrong and I realized I’m right. How could you settle for that kind of life? Does glimmer and love not sound like your time? Do the things that I see make you feel blind? Is it too much light? Is it just too bright? Why would you choose any other sight? You couldn’t choose this, I’ll tell you why. You settled for a blue kinda life. I choose a love that I can’t deny. I believe in my story, your part made me cry. Made me wanna die. Notoriety, glamour, and jewelry high. Fire, desire, higher, I climb. Thoughts of a future you wish to acquire. This is a life I decide I conspire. You should’ve loved me better my sire.

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